kimball Software  

KimballSoftware is a Beaufort, NC based software consulting company. We have created custom software and built websites for small firms, large corporations, education, and government organizations.

  • Customer Focused

We help our customers find and implement the best solution to their business challenges. We work behind the scenes to make their business more successful. We offer fixed priced solutions or hourly contracting at a reasonable cost.

  • Software Experts

We are experts using most common software development tools. We can provide business analysis, design, software implementation, project management, websites, mission critical web applications, commerical applications, software tools, digital photography, 3d models, database integration, network programming, Windows/Linux programming, office automation, software training, and computer coaching.

  • Industry Experience

Our customers come from many different business sectors. Customers in education, engineering, finance, the internet, the military, manufacturing, telecommunications, and shipping have all benefited from our expertise.