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ABNet is a java communications client/server that turns a single-user VRML or X3D world into a multi-user virtual world environment. 3D avatars can interact and use shared events to provide a virtual experience similar to Secondlife and the Blaxxun platform. More generally, the communication framework of ABNet provides an asynchronous low-latency publish and subscribe environment using XML messages over TCP/IP.

The current release works with best with BS Contact, although anyone handy at scripting could add support for any X3D or VRML browser by supplying the javascript that interfaces to the desired browser. The ABNet user interface is created using simple HTML and javascript, this key feature allows anyone to customize the look and feel to suit their application without having to be a software engineer.

Starting with version 2.0, the ABNet server is available for download. You can now run your own private 3d chat site. Also new, is a small 132k ActiveX client. The ActiveX client takes the place of the Java applet and provides a low latency async communication channel. Your users don't need to have Java installed.

ABNet is the software that powers the gateway to many vrml and x3d worlds.

ABNet is free for non-commercial and educational environments. You can purchase an unlimited user, single domain commercial license for $2000 USD. For other uses please contact


Package Name Click on the links below to download
ABNet2 Client (~132k) abnet2client.exe (Version 2.05) (Windows)
ABNet2 Client + Server + Examples (1.8MB) abnet2server.exe (Version 2.002) (Windows) *
ABNet2 Server + Examples (1.6MB) abnet2server.tgz (Version 2.002) (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac) *
* currently unavailable new release available soon

System Requirements - Client

  • Windows 2k, XP, 2003, Vista
  • VRML/X3D browser Bitmanagement Contact 6.1 or later (7.X for X3D support) or Flux
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.X or higher

System Requirements - Server

  • One of the following: Windows 2k, XP, 2003, Vista, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris,
  • Sun Java any version starting with 1.4.2 (newer is better)


After you install the client or the server, look for a new ABNet2 item in your Programs menus. View the readme menu item. If you have other questions not answered by the readme, see the forums at to get the latest answers about ABNet2.