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VRML2 export script for Blender 3d

Note: You really don't need to download this any more. I provided the source to the
blender3d project. They have included it in the standard blender distribution.




  • python source
  • exports VRML97/VRML2 from blender meshes
  • supports UV Mapping to TextureCoordinate Node
  • supports Vertex Painting to Color Node
  • supports Face Painting to Color Node
  • exports Lamp and Camera information
  • can create IndexLineSets

Quick Instructions (see script comments for latest info )

  • Save latest script from above to your computer in the Blender scripts directory
  • Export using the Blender File/Export/VRML 2.0 menu item
  • Look at DOS console window to see messages and export filename


  • 09/29/2006
    • Fixed typo that caused error
    • Fixed problem with object that had been scaled or rotated but user didn't apply translation/rotation
    • Modified for 2.42a
  • 01/17/2004
    • Added meta comments so script shows up in File/Export menu in versions 2.32 and above
  • 11/01/2003
    • Fixed issue with Lamp for Blender Python 2.28a API
  • 07/19/2003
    • Works with new Blender Python 2.28 API
  • 02/08/2003
    • attempts to create valid VRML DEF names even if is zero length or uses VRML reserved names or characters
  • 02/04/2003
    • fixed blenderfile overwrite when filename is all uppercase
  • 02/03/2003
    • better exception handling for ghost objects
  • 01/19/2003
    • added Camera support
    • added Lamp support
    • export IndexLineSets if Drawtype WIRE
  • 12/23/2002 - added USE/DEF for ImageTextures, better handling of IFS solid flag. self.verbose controls console output
  • 12/17/2002 - first public release