kimball Software  

KimballSoftware has developed a collection of software that is offered free of charge. The links below provide quick access to the latest versions our software.

If you find any of this software useful, consider making a donation so we can continue to develop and support this software. We can also enhance our free software to meet your custom specifications for a fee.

ABNet ABNet is computer software that turns a single-user VRML or X3D world into a multi-user virtual world environment. This is the software that powers VRML, 3D, multi-user server, java, chat room server

Maxiweb Toolkit MaxiWeb is a toolkit that lets you build standalone self-launching Web server applications. The toolkit includes example programs, a C++ class library, an Active Server Page compiler, and various command line tools.

Programs built with the MaxiWeb toolkit can take the place of larger Web servers such as Netscape Server, Apache, and Microsoft IIS. Using the Active Server Page (C++ ASP) compiler and 5 lines of C++ code, you can Web enable your new or existing application in just minutes. Complete MaxiWeb enabled applications can be as small as 60K.

Web, Embedded Server, C++, ASP Compiler, DHTML, Linux
VNET+ VNet+ uses Java-EAI to turn a single-user VRML world into a Multi-user Virtual World deprecated by ABNet

VRML, 3D, Multi-user server, Java

VRML Exporter for Blender 3d  Export optimized VRML97 from blender3d. This software has become part of the blender3d standard distribution

VRML, Blender, 3D, Exporter, Python

 VRML Importer for Unwrap3d  Plug-in DLL for Ultimate Unwrap3d to that imports VRML97 geometry

VRML, Unwrap 3D, Importer, C++

 X3D Import/Export for AC3D Plug-in DLL for AC3D that imports and exports X3D geometry

X3D, Importer/Exporter, C++, 3D